FAQ / Estimate Definitions

Q: What does cabling mean and why is it necessary?
A: If a tree is structurally weak, damaged by a storm or has limbs that are too long or heavy, it may require the installation of cables to maintain its strength. Once these supports are in place they should be out of sight and out of mind.

Q: I would like to have stumps ground but I think there are wires under them, what should I do?
A: Call Dig Safe #888-344-7233, they will come out at no charge as a service to you and survey the area in questions. If there are wires underground they will mark the area accordingly. Then we can properly determine what work we are able to do.

Q: I see on the estimate it says use of plywood, what does that mean?
A: Tree Corp. stands out in this area for being very lawn friendly. We will lay a bridge of plywood across your lawn (if necessary) to protect it from excessive lawn damage from the normal impact of equipment and tree limbs while removing the tree debris from your property.

Q: I would like to hire your services but I want to make sure you carry the Proper insurance, can you show me proof of insurance?
A: Upon your request we will call our insurance agent and have them send directly to your home a Certificate of Insurance (which will show Liability, Workers Comp. and Auto Insurance) that will have your name and address on it as proof of our complete and total coverage.

Q: Do you give discounts?
A: Yes we do! In fact we have many discounts available to you our customer. We have Val Pak coupons, we offer Seniors, Military and Police and Firefighters double coupons. We have coupons given to new home buyers and coupons offered in several local papers. We give quantity discounts” or discounts for work done with neighbors, that you can discuss with the estimators as well.

Q: Do you accept credit card payments?
A: Yes, we accept Visa and Mastercard. {Please note however, coupons will not apply if you use a credit card}

Q: My estimate says use of rubber tracked equipment, what does that mean?
A: We have several pieces of equipment that have rubber tracks instead of wheels. {CAT’s and OMME Lift} They will eliminate tire tracks on your lawn because the tracks have lower ground pressure as compared to any vehicle with tires, again protecting your lawns. (see EQUIPMENT link for pictures)

Q: Do you deliver firewood?
A: Yes, but only log length delivered by the log truck full. We will need access with the log truck on your property to deliver and unload. The customer is responsible to cut and split the wood. Each truck load provides approximately 6-7 cords of Firewood once you cut and split depending on how you cut it. Prices vary by distance for delivery and availability (see SERVICES – Firewood link).

Q: My estimate says “Access” with equipment, what does that mean?
A: In order to do the tree work you requested we may need to have access with our equipment on your lawn. The arrows marked on the diagram will show where we need to access, therefore if there are fences, sprinklers, swing sets, dog fences or vehicles in driveway they may need to be moved or marked for us to do your work safely and without any unnecessary damage.

Q: My tree has a disease and insects, do you treat them or spray them?
A: We personally do not spray trees, however we do have contacts that we can refer you to that we have worked with for years. Please call our office for more information.

Q: My estimate states mulch left or mulch removed, what does that mean?
A: When the stumps are ground there are two options, to leave the mulch near the hole or to remove it from your property completely. This mulch is produced from grinding the stump and it is wood chippings mixed with dirt. Because it takes more time to rake up the mulch and to dispose of it for recycling there is an additional charge we must pass on to our customer. (see EQUIPMENT – Stump Grinding link for pictures and info).

Q: Can you loam and seed the area where the stumps are ground?
A: Yes we can for an additional cost, we do have loam and seed available to fill the holes left by the stump grinding.

Q: Do you give free estimates?
A: Yes, the owners Wayne and TJ do estimates several times a week. We try to find a day and time that will work for both the homeowner and the estimator. We prefer to meet with the homeowners but in some cases we can do an estimate with no one at home, if it’s a removal of a tree that can be tagged. We have the ability to email the estimate and pictures we take directly to your email while on site.

Q: Will my lawn get damaged?
A: Tree Corp. strives to preserve the natural beauty of lawns and trees. We use special low impact equipment and plywood whenever necessary and we clean up as part of every job. Of course due to the very nature of the work being done some damage may be inevitable. (see EQUIPMENT – OMME Lift or Lawn Preservation)

Q: My estimate says removal of “hangers” and “large deadwood” what does that mean?
A: Hangers are broken limbs that may still be attached to the tree and are stuck up in the tree. Large deadwood is generally dead limbs that are 3 inches in diameter or larger. And our hi-tech, backyard accessible low ground pressure, tracked lift is 92 feet high lift; we will get ALL the dead limbs top to bottom! (Unlike most of our other competitors!)

Q: Why do I need to get a permit from the city/town to trim or remove a tree on or near my property?
A: Many cities and towns in our area are very serious about preserving some trees, especially if the tree is considered “significant” and is large and old. Trees located on tree belts directly in front of your property actually belong to the town/city and require permits for trimming or removing. {In the city of Springfield a permit is required if the tree is 36” in diameter or larger or over 75 years old.}