About Us


TREE CORP. has a friendly, professionally staffed and organized office that is ready to take your calls and answer your questions as quickly as possible!

OFFICE HOURS: Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
(Winter hours may differ due to weather)
Voice Mail is monitored daily and during emergencies you are guaranteed a call back!

CALL US! MA: 413-525-TREE (8733), CT: 860-882-8289



When it comes to insurance, TREE CORP. carries over and above normal industry standard insurance coverage, because safety is important to us. When we say we are fully insured, we can back it up. Our insurance agent works closely with us and mails customers copies of our insurance certificates upon request. An insurance certificate is a document that provides proof of Workers Compensation, Liability and Auto insurance policies, dates of coverage and policy limits. The tree industry is a dangerous profession, why take the risk, please make sure “insured” professionals do your tree work.


REFERENCE LINKS for Your Information:

www.umassgreeninfo.org (Local general tree & plant info)
www.poison-ivy.org (Identifying and info on Ivy)
www.arborday.org (Guide to identifying trees)

  • TREE CORP. in the past has lended our services to help light the tree on the Longmeadow green.
  • TREE CORP. participated in the annual touch a truck event at the JCC in Longmeadow.
  • TREE CORP. was on hand after the tornado struck the YMCA Stony Brook Camp in Wilbraham to volunteer with clean up efforts to get it ready for the kids!
  • TREE CORP. followed up with customers in Springfield hard hit by the tornado with information for them to have replacement trees donated by the city for free.
  • TREE CORP. was fortunate enough to be nearby when a climber from another tree company was badly injured on the job and stuck 70 feet up in a tree.  Our brave owner quickly came to the rescue and got the climber down to the waiting paramedics.
  • TREE CORP. is environmentally friendly!  We recycle all debris from our tree jobs, wood chips, stump mulch, and wood all recycled to keep our planet green!
  • TREE CORP. is rated A+ on Angie’s List and has been awarded with a Super Service Certificate.  We have further designation as the #1 tree service in the Springfield Area!
  • TREE CORP. has worked for the City of Springfield Parks Department at Forest Park and other area Parks.  We have worked to clear billboards and traffic signs along area highways. We have worked for many city/towns in the area and have a good working relationship with City/Town Forrester’s. We have worked at schools, hospitals, shopping malls, condominium developments, cemeteries, businesses but most important in your neighborhood!




  • Evergreen trees are not really EVER green. The needles of coniferous trees don’t stay on forever. As the needles become older, they drop off the tree to make room for new needles!
  • Trees help filter dust and smog from the air AND they help stop erosion by holding soil in place!
  • The Giant Sequoia or Sierra Redwood grows only on the western slope of the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. They grow as tall as 362 feet tall with a circumference of over 60 feet at their base and are thousands of years old!
  • Tree rings can determine the age of a tree as well as environmental events throughout its life, including volcanic eruptions.
  • In one year, a single tree can absorb as much carbon as is produced by a car driven 26,000 miles.


  • Today, 98% (98 of every 100) of the trees grown for the holidays are grown on farms. And 34-36% of all trees produced annually are for the Holiday season.
  • The Christmas tree for the White House has to be exactly 18 ½ feet tall and look great with the decorations chosen by the First Lady.
  • The Cottonwood tree seed is the seed that stays in flight the longest. The tiny seed surrounded by ultra-light, white fluff hairs that can carry it on the air for several days.
  • Christmas trees were once used by Chimney Sweeps to clean the soot out of dirty chimneys!